Finding the Hostname, Database and Schema from your CMIS database

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Before you start

  • You will need access to SQL Server Management Studio.

Searching for the Hostname and Database

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  • The Hostname is the first identifier in the SQL Server Management Studio, coming before the brackets.
  • The Database name can be found by expanding the Database folder. If you need help identifying the correct database, please contact us at
  • The Schema can be found by expanding the tables list. You will see a list of all the table names, preceded by the schema, in the format schemaname.tablename (for example DEMOSTUD_ADMIN.ACASSCATDEPREC). 

Entering the CMIS configuration in the Onboarding tool

  • You can now enter this information in the Assembly installer. 

Please contact if you require further assistance with finding your CMIS credentials.

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