How to stop an App accessing your school data

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How to stop an App accessing your school data

  • Sign in to the Platform and navigate to the Apps section, then locate and click on the App that you want to stop accessing your school data (for example, the Mathematics Mastery Gradebook App).

  • Click on the Revoke Access button.

  • Confirm that you wish to stop the app from accessing your school's data.

  • Once you have revoked access you will return to the Apps section and you should see an Authorise Access button instead of a Revoke Access button, confirming that you have stopped sharing data with the App. You will then be returned to the Apps page where the authorised message will no longer appear under the App.

  • You can also check the Authorisations tab which shows the authorisations and revocation logs for all apps. 

Please note: Revoking access stops an app being able to access your school's data. Removing app access does not remove data that has already been collected in the Assembly Platform, it does not stop the Assembly Connector syncing with your MIS and it does not delete data held by the App provider. You should refer to the App provider's privacy policy if you wish delete data already held by them. If you wish to delete any data held by Assembly, or to uninstall the connector, you can notify us by emailing If you wish to uninstall the Assembly Connector please read the uninstall guide.