Creating the Assembly User on Bromcom

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Before you start

  • Please note: you will require permission to create new System Users on Bromcom. 

Creating the User

  • From the main Menu, locate the Setup module. 

  • Under System Security go to System Users. 

  • Click New to create a new user. 

  • Complete the following steps:
    • Select the Create a new user option.
    • Enter a First Name and Last Name.
    • Make the username "Assembly.User" and create a passwordWe strongly recommend you use a secure password containing at least 8 characters with 1 uppercase letter and 1 number.
    • Deselect the User must change password at next logon box. 
    • Ensure the user has been assigned to the Third Party role. 
    • Click Save.

  • From the main menu, locate the Setup module again.
  • Under System Security go to Third Party Access Permissions & Logs.

  • From the Third Party Account dropdown menu, select the Assembly user account.