SIMS Permissions Explained

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The below list shows the permission groups that we ask the Assembly User to be a member of on SIMS. This combination of permissions covers the wide range of data scopes that could, with your authorisation, be exposed to the Platform. We ask for these scopes when you sign up because we don't want schools to have to keep adjusting or adding SIMS permissions whenever they use a new app.

  • Administration Assistant
  • Class Teacher
  • Senior Management Team
  • Personnel Officer
  • Third Party Reporter
  • Assessment Operator 
  • Cover Manager (This permission is only required if you will be using SchoolBooking.)

The important thing to note is that by creating a SIMS user for Assembly with these permissions, you do not yet give us permission to access any of your school's sensitive data. All you are doing is setting the parameters with which data could be transferred at a later date. 

The actual data that flows from your MIS to the Assembly Platform is controlled by the school within the Platform using our Data Access Request feature. For data to flow, an app needs to make a data access request which a school then authorises. Here is an example:

The data access request clearly shows the scopes of data which the app will have access to. No sensitive data can flow until you grant your first data access request, and we can only extract those scopes you've authorised (regardless of which SIMS permission groups are associated with the Assembly User). We also give you the ability to see which scopes have been authorised for which apps in our admin dashboard.

One way of thinking about it is that there are two "taps" between the school and an app: one within the MIS (sometimes using user permissions) and one within the Assembly platform (via the data access request). Both taps need to be turned on for data to flow. We think it's much easier to control, limit and explain what data is flowing through the Assembly tap. So we ask for you to open the MIS tap, safe in the knowledge that the Assembly tap gives you everything you need to control data flows in a secure and reliable way.