Creating the Assembly User on SIMS

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Before you start

  • Please note you will need Administrator privileges on SIMS to manage user accounts. 

Create the User

  • Go to Focus -> System Manager -> Manage Users and click New.


  • Enter the surname "Assembly" and the forename "User" (you do not have to enter a gender or date of birth). Click Continue

Create the login details

  • Ensure that the username is "Assembly.User" (you may have to manually change this, depending on your username settings). 
  • Make a copy of the autogenerated password. If you manually create a password for the user, it should only use alphanumeric characters (no special characters such as * / <).
  • Ensure that the  active tick box is selected. 

Add the User to the correct permission groups

  • The Assembly User should be a member of the following permissions groups:
    • Administration Assistant
    • Class Teacher
    • Senior Management Team
    • Personnel Officer
    • Third Party Reporter
    • Assessment Operator 
    • Cover Manager (This permission is only required if you will be using SchoolBooking.)
  • This is an important step that ensures the user has sufficient access to pull information into the platform. 
  • Click Add on the groups section:

  • Use CTRL + Click to highlight the 4 above permission groups:


  • Once the user has been placed in the relevant groups, click Save to complete the process. 


Give the credentials to the Platform

  • You can now enter the SIMS Username and password in the SIMS Credentials area of the Connector setup.