How ScholarPack Steps data produces Attainment (TA) dashboards


In order to produce Attainment (TA) dashboards on Assembly Analytics, we start by extracting ScholarPack Steps teacher assessment data from the summative markbooks on your MIS:

Each of these individual grades is then mapped to an Assembly threshold measure (either Below, Expected or High Score), using the following lookup table:

ScholarPack Step Assembly Measure
Eme < -6 Below
Eme -6 Below
Dev -5 Below
Dev -4 Below
Dev -3 Below
Dev -2 Below
Sec -1 Below
Sec Expected
Exc +1 High Score
Exc +2 - +8 High Score
Exc+ >+8 High Score

Only the Expected+ and High Score measures are displayed on your dashboards. Students achieved a High Score will also be included in the Expected+ measure.

Comparative data

For each measure, the data from your school / MAT is displayed next to national averages and percentiles, to give an indication of how you fit in to the national context.

This comparative data is calculated from the latest KS2 performance tables, which show the KS2 SATs results for every school in the country. We create a school-level distribution with percentiles for each measure and map your school or MAT's performance back to the performance of other schools in the country. 

We use this comparison to colour-code your data, with the colour of a measure changing each decile. For example, if your school or MAT is in the top 10% for a given measure, the bar will be coloured a dark green. If your school or MAT is in the bottom 10% for a given measure, the bar will be coloured a dark red - with colours changing at 10% intervals along the scale.