Connecting Scholarpack to Assembly (Guide for Analytics Users)

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. You can email us at or give us a call at 020 3897 2888.

Before you start

  • Please ensure you have accepted the invitation to set up your user login details for your school. Login with your email address and password here.

Authorising Assembly in Scholarpack

  • Login to the Assembly platform, navigate to 'Connector' and select  'Grant Access.' 

  • You will be re-directed to ScholarPack - login with your username, password and school url.
  • Please ensure you have Admin privileges and that the school url is in the format
  • If you are experiencing difficulty with your username or password for ScholarPack please contact their support team 

  • Please review the Data Authorisation Request and select 'confirm.' 
  • Note: No sensitive data will flow in to Assembly until you've authorised the Assembly Analytics app. For more information please reference the following article - controlling your access to your schools data.

  • If you have successfully authorised Assembly, you will see a green Connected message verifying the connection
  • Click Test Connection to finish the process. If the message remains green your connection has been successful. Allow 30 minutes for Assembly to sync with your Scholarpack Account. 

  • If it turns red please contact Assembly Support.