Configuring KS1/2 Dashboards

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Key Stage 1

Teacher assessments are entered in to the MIS throughout June and July, with the deadline for submission to most LAs at the end of July. In August once all the data is in, we’ll release a KS1 dashboard with data benchmarked against last year’s national averages.
In October once the national averages are released at the end of September, dashboards will be updated to show amount above and below the latest figures (school level distribution is not released for KS1).

Key Stage 2

Dashboards are populated by the data pulled from your MIS, to configure this, see this guide

The two places we're currently looking at are the columns with the following aspect names:  MA KS2: Maths Scaled Score AWL, EN KS2: Reading Test Scaled Score AWL. 

We populate our KS2 SAT's dashboard by pulling the data imported by each school from the NCA Tools website. To see how to import the relevant data upon its release by NCA please reference this guide

In July we will start to update dashboards with your schools’ data (once input in the MIS) and any benchmark data the DfE makes available. In December once official, finalised results are published and national distributions are available the dashboards switch to percentile ranks to show schools' performance in national context.