How to download and import KS2 SATs results on SIMS

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Step 1 - Accessing NCA Tools

  • Log in to the NCA Tools Website with the credentials supplied to your school (you'll need to contact 0300 303 3013 or if you need help locating your credentials). 
  • Once logged in you will be able to view the pupil’s test results, and also download the test results in different formats.

Step 2 - Downloading KS2 SATs Results 

  • On NCA Tools select Pupil Results 

  • Download Key Stage 2 Results 

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to download the file containing the results (select Combined file containing all subjects and CTF as the file format, then Download). When asked to specify a location where to save this file, save to an area you know you can easily access at the same time as SIMS

Step 3 - Importing KS2 SATs Results on to SIMS

  • On SIMS select Routines > Data In > CTF > Import CTF
  • Select Add KS2 data for Existing Pupils Only

  • Only change the matching scale if you have reason to do so (scale 4 is recommended but the default option should work). 
  • Click on the browse folder icon in Section 2 - Import Selection, navigate to where you saved the NCA tool download and select the file. 

  •  If prompted, select On-Roll for Place new pupils in, and leave the effective date as today’s date
  • Click Proceed For Match Import, check there are no errors (all coloured boxes should be either all green or yellow / green) and then select Import CTF
  • When your import is complete you will see what has been imported and an Exception log of any issues. 
  • You can now view the data that has been imported by going to Focus > Assessment > Marksheet Entry, searching KS2 and looking at the Broadsheet Review marksheet. 
  • The data will be picked up on the next Assembly sync!