Linking Alps Connect to Assembly

This guide explains how you can link Alps Connect to your MIS via Assembly to automate the flow of data between systems. All you need to do is establish a connection to your MIS, map your school's assessments to the Assembly assessment model, and your data will sync automatically.

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Before you start

  • If your school is not already connected to Assembly, you should first set up this connection. You can do so by asking someone from your IT team to follow our SIMS setup guide.
  • Once connected, there are 5 steps required to complete the setup. Steps 1-3 are covered in this guide. Steps 4-5 are covered in the Alps guide (please speak to Alps support to get a copy of this). 
  1. Authorise Connect to access your data
  2. Sync your MIS data with Assembly
  3. Create mappings to structure your data
  4. Import the data in to Connect (see Alps guide)
  5. Explore, analyse and interrogate your data in Connect (see Alps guide)

Step 1 - Authorising Connect to access your data

  • Once you have contacted Alps to set up your Assembly account, log in to Connect and click on the blue Data button under Management Tools. 

  • Click Find Out More under the Assembly integration banner. 

  • Click Link Your School, check your school details and select Link with Assembly. 

  • You will be taken to the Assembly sign-in page. Please log in using your Assembly details. If your school is not already connected to Assembly you will need to configure a connection. This is a simple process but it will require someone from your IT team to set up - this guide covers the steps. 

  • Once signed in, you will be taken to a Data Access Request. This page details the "scopes" of data that you are authorising Assembly to extract from your MIS and pass securely to Alps Connect. 
  • Some scopes of data are required for the integration to function and need to be authorised for you to accept. Other scopes are optional - you can actively opt in to share the data and benefit from the full range of analysis within Connect Interactive, such as Disadvantage and Gender comparison reports.
  • Click Authorise App once you are happy with the data being shared. 

  • You will be taken back to Connect Data. Please verify the school details again, and if correct, click Yes to finish the linking process.

Step 2 - Syncing your MIS data with Assembly

  • Once your school is connected and you have authorised the flow of data, we will automatically sync with your school's MIS
  • This process should take between 10-30 minutes after you have authorised the Alps Connect app. This initial sync is required to pull in your school's courses, aspects and results for mapping on the Assembly Platform. You can see if we've synced with your school by checking the Changesets tab on the Platform:

  • Please get in touch with our support team if there are any problems with the automatic sync. 

Step 3 - Creating mappings to structure your data

Once we have pulled in your data, you will be able to create mappings to link your data to our standardised lists of assessments, assessment points, subjects and facets - these make it easier to integrate your data with Alps Connect. There are 3 parts to this process:

  1. Map your SIMS courses to Assembly Subjects, following this guide
  2. Map SIMS Aspects to the Assembly assessment model. Each SIMS Aspect needs to be mapped to an Assembly assessment, subject and facet, by following this guide
  3. Map SIMS Result Sets to the Assembly assessment model. Each SIMS Aspect much be mapped to one Assembly assessment point, by following this guide

That's the Assembly setup complete, you're now ready to import your data in to Connect, by following the Alps Connect guide. 

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